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So, YOU want Beautiful girls from Thailand in 2017?

Smart Man…. This world has so much to offer and I have tasted much of it. I first went to Thailand over 10 years ago and had the time of my life. Thai Girls were a big part of that, but not the whole story. I have presented here a guide for you NEWBIES to take the best from what Thai femininity has to offer. Enjoy this powerful guide to HAPPINESS and a whole new world….

So….We all love love girls from Thailand or Thai girls. Many of us from the West have already “had” one of are about to travel to the beautiful country of Thailand LOS (Land of Smiles).


They have to be for us to Travel so far to visit and enjoy their beauty. Some of us travel from the UK and US to enjoy everything Thailand has to offer.

You have come to the right place! THAILAND HAS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRLS!

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——————————————CASE STUDY——————————————

18 YEAR OLD Mickey

First time travelling outside of the Europe and first time travelling alone. Mickey is a shy guy from Amsterdam. He has never had much experience with girls in the Holland. He doesn’t have much self-esteem and hasn’t had the confidence to approach a girl. Yes…Mickey is a VIRGIN. But Mithai-girls-mickeyckey not in trouble much more because he has decided to travel abroad and his first destination he chose is THAILAND. Sex is on Mickeys mind (OFC LOL) as it should be for any healthy 18 year old.

Needless to say even this guy was successful on his first trip. He had to pay for “services” first time but after that he found his game and there wasn’t many days when he was “frustrated” by lack of female company.



What I’ve Learned through Experience

This is a condensed mini-guide to help you guys who want a “normal” relationship with a Thai girl. To also understand the psychology and mindset of girls in Thailand.  Way back over 10 years ago I had NO GAME….

Now for guys brand-new to this community and Overseas/abroad dating and relationship lifestyle…this is bad But I was still very young and dumb so had plenty time and room to grow and learn. From having a mini-foursome with my buddy in a bedbug hotel room to having a white skinned model Thai girl ride me buckaroo style in a Jacuzzi it all happened…But it didn’t happen overnight 😉

thai girl in jacuzzi

I used to be SHY as hell…. really bad actually. First day I landed I was tired as a dog after a 14 hour direct flight from London to Bangkok. I needed money so decided to find a bank. First impressions… WOW the inside of bank are better looking and are better quality than back home in the UK… I was being eye-fucked right off the bat by a Thai girl who was a beauty 9/10.

Amazing… I wasn’t even looking for sex! What a breath of fresh air from our fat, overweight tattooed up women in the West! Now I started off even have women asking me out instead of the other way around. OK so fast-forward a few weeks….

I didn’t know any Westerners here. I only associate with Thais and run around with a group of Thai guys that do pretty decent with girls. Most places I go are Thai university spots and not a white face in sight.

I still feel I could get higher quality girls in the US or Europe, but the women I am spending time/ sleeping with now are higher quality than the ones my Thai friends are with. Good-looking girls who have never dated Westerners before and act like ladies. I’m no expert at PUA or Thai culture yet, but here are some things I’ve learned for others of you living here. Feel free to share your own experiences.

 Be Chivalrous or “Old School”

Chivalry goes a long way in Thailand. Three reasons. One, women are already intimidated by you because you’re a foreigner, and it communicates that you are safe and understand Thai women. Two, Thai men spoil their girlfriends like no other, so she’s used to it. Three, she has heard that Western guys treat women well and lack some of the more negative characteristics of a Thai boyfriend. Some people will tell you that the last is just a stereotype perpetuated by bargirls who want to rationalize life choices. Not so. All my friends are Thai guys so I see what goes on as compared to my friends back home.

So leverage this and be the ultimate gentleman. Open doors. Buy flowers and stupid teddy bears. Walk her to her motorbike or car. Help pull her motorbike out into the street if she has to back into the road. Always walk between her and traffic. And always pay for dinner, movies, and drinks. Throw out everything you learned from Western girls. Being a gentleman–without sucking up–is a valuable skill here.

Respect her Culture

I’ve heard it said that kino can work here even though it’s kind of taboo to touch women. I’ve even had it work for me—but only in dark nightclubs where no one could see or with really adventurous girls.

But often, a Thai girl will tell you not to touch her—maybe even loud lol—doesn’t mean she doesn’t like you, but it’s embarrassing for her because it makes her lose face. And the fact that you’re a farang (Westerner) makes her even more self-conscious. So leave kino to Thai guys who understand the ins and outs.

What I’ve found though is that Thai women will touch you a lot if they like you and that’s culturally acceptable. It’s not always a sure sign they even like you but obviously the more they do it the better. NEVER try to kiss them in public either. I do like to first kiss in a public location when no one is around to see though (like parking lot). For these girls, that’s just edgy enough…LOL

Even after I’ve slept with her multiple times, I don’t touch her much in public at all. Instead, I let her hang on my arm or grab my hand in the club and I just act real nonchalant. She eats it up, it boosts my confidence, and other women around see a confident, powerful guy who is getting attention from a classy, normal Thai women and seems somewhat unaffected. Golden.

Good “Working Girls”

Just a hint on where to find some great girls, I like to go to the Thai restaurants where they have the women wearing the Singha beer, Beer Chang, or 100 Piper dresses to represent the company. In high-so circles these women will get a bad rap with Thai guys because they spend a lot of time getting attention from men and have their pick of the litter, but I find these are generally pretty high-quality girls–not high-so, but high quality.

They are usually going to college and rather than getting into hooking or mooching off some rich boyfriend, which most could, they work 6 days a week and make their own money. These are almost always the most beautiful women in the clubs and restaurants—great bodies and beautiful faces. Even in the tourist centers you’re usually safe with these women because the companies relocate them to different restaurants every month or so, so they haven’t spent much time around foreigners—if that matters to you.

Hussle Alone

After all this time, I’ve found it’s best to just sarge alone. More than one foreigner is typically just too intimidating, and when I go with my Thai buddies, there’s too much anticipation in the air when I start gaming. People will never get over the fact that you’re not Thai especially if you live like a Thai—it’s just mind-blowing to them.

Not to mention that even though this girl has obviously thought of dating a Westerner, she’s going to initially be uncomfortable in front of other Thais. Go out alone from time to time to get some numbers and after you’ve met with her once or twice, bring her into your world.

Know Your Limits

You’re going to have limitations when it comes to women here–Period. Some women are simply too prejudiced, too self conscious, or too worried about what the family thinks to EVER be seen with a white or black guy. Keep pushing the limits, of course, and see what you can do, but some women will just be untouchable and it’s best to ignore them and save time (or get in good with their guy friends in case some other hot girl in the social circle is not so close-minded). The more I ignore the “untouchables” the more I see them trying to get my attention but I still need to work on how to capitalize on that.

Sister Cock-blocking game

Any time a Thai guy tells you the hot girl at his side is his sister, don’t believe him, even if she backs it up. I don’t know why they do this—almost seems like they enjoy seeing you crash and burn with the chick they already know they’re taking home. I don’t get it, but go see for yourself. Either a lot of guys banging their sisters or someone’s lying their ass off. LOL

Low-key Calls & Texts

Don’t give up after the first phone call. If it amounts to nothing, just call them every once in a while to say hello. You’ll get lots of flakes on numbers from Thai girls, and if she has a job she probably works 6 or 7 days a week. The more she hears from you the less threatened she feels, and if she doesn’t like you she won’t answer. Also an unanswered text means nothing ( I know this all sounds counter-intuitive, but this is the reality here).

I’ve given up on calling someone initially when it didn’t go anywhere and suddenly she’ll call months later and ask you to come out with her and friends. If they don’t regularly date foreigners and they liked you, they are not going to forget about you.

Talk With Your Eyes

Body language is huge in Asia, but I haven’t mastered mine enough to really be aware of it. But I find I can work magic with my eyes. Even if she doesn’t speak English.

Just be normal around her and not too flirtatious, and from time to time catch her eyes after saying something to hit the point home and give a flirty/ sly smile. Hold it for a second until she blushes and then look away like nothing happened.

I also find eye contact and a smile from across the room or walking by to be powerful. Looking someone directly in the eyes is somewhat taboo here but I find it works wonders for expressing and building attraction with women.

Chilled-Suave Style

Forget cocky-funny in Thailand and never neg. Women like a guy that doesn’t act out much and is kind of cool and collected—like the big dog in the room that has nothing to prove or something. But lace that with a gentle humor to show you are fun to be around. Cross-cultural humor with a language barrier is a real challenge, but it’s something you can only learn for yourself. And in Thailand where everything has to be sanuk (fun), it is essential.

And always smile.

Thai Girls Jealousy & “Butterfly”

Thai women are extremely jealous. They will constantly ask you and accuse you about being a “dao-choo” (butterfly). Basically means you fly around from girl to girl, and when you start getting in with the hotter girls here you will certainly want to be.

I struggled for a long time here because I could never get women to believe I didn’t have a girlfriend. Women (and men) would always ask and then say they didn’t believe my answer. So on his advice, now I just tell them I have something like 93 girlfriends. That gets them laughing. Then I ask them if they want to be #94. This makes a great running joke for initial dates and phone calls.

Keep joking about it as long as you can and from time when she gets serious about asking, just tell her you’re not even if you are. I haven’t yet figured out how to balance honesty and getting laid here—this is just the way things are done in Thailand from what I can see.

Also, don’t ever check out other girls when you’re together. She is always watching. If she asks you if another woman is beautiful (even on TV) just say no or “nit noi” (a little). And don’t compliment her too much unless you’ve slept with her already or she’ll think you’re just a playboy.

Stick With Day Game

Forget the Thai discos and nightclubs for picking up women. I find the music is too loud, it’s not exactly acceptable to approach (though as a foreigner you can get away with approaching groups with just an occasional set of cold shoulders), and foreigners have a reputation for one-night stands. Numbers at the discos are sometimes not too hard to get but often flakes.

Day game is your best friend. Restaurants, stores, aquariums, zoos, parks, universities…Or find a mellow bar with chilled out band music and talk to the waitresses or a couple girls eating/ drinking alone.

Once I get a number, I take a girl out in the daytime to see a movie and get some lunch or something. Creative, action-based dates won’t go over as well with traditional girls and the daytime makes it less threatening. End it early, walk her to her car, and SKIP THE KISS.

I find it’s best to ask them when they have to work that day as it gives them an out and they know there’s no pressure to go home. On the second date, let there be alcohol around so she has the choice to release her inhibitions now that she feels safe and free of pressure.

Be a Friend First

Don’t worry about slipping into the friend zone. The male/ female dynamic here is so different and the fact that she’s spending time with an “outsider” means its not really going to happen. Non-verbal communication is huge here and she knows what you want—make no mistake. Just focus on building comfort and when the comfort comes the rest will just happen. At least, that’s my experience.

Be Conservative in Bed

Women will really be intimidated by you in bed. In the beginning, don’t be too adventurous or kinky. Just keep things simple, completely assume control, and be gentle and slow with her. She’’ll be more adventurous over time. From what my Thai buddies tell me they themselves are really conservative in bed, so if you know what you’re doing and want her to feel good, you can really blow her mind behind closed doors, but take it slow.

Dress Well

Finally, lose the backpacker get-up. Lose the cool T-shirts (especially if you’re older than 25). Be clean, smell good. Clean-cut hair and always shave. You don’t need a suit or even a button-up, but some nice pants or designer jeans and a solid black or white T-shirt that fits well will work wonders for making you presentable. A stylish button-up will have women staring at you.

Consider showering 2 times a day–3 if you sweat a lot–and really keep up on hygeine. This is EXTREMELY important to Thai women.

So I hope that helps someone else who is in Thailand and wants to date real, quality girls that defy all the stereotypes. Some of it may even apply in other Asian countries. Of course, there is a lot more to it but this post is long enough.

Pick up a couple books on Thai culture and read them—take it with a grain of salt as times are changing fast, and keep in mind that most Western/ Thai relationship books are about the poor demographic and may not apply to middle-class women in the cities. Learn some language.

The more I spend time with Asian women the more I doubt I’ll ever want to settle down with a Western girl, and I think most others will agree. They’re just more feminine, more stylish, treat you better, and more conservative in public. Maybe not for everyone but it works for me.

Oh, and I still break all my own rules when it seems right–always learning, I suppose.




NORTH THAILAND  : Chiang mai


I will link to a great review of the city here because it is out of the scope of my article here. Find out more about this great city and the type of girls you will find here are Chinese-looking and light skinned. Contrast to the darker girls in south and central Thailand. This is a photo from a famous ‘Bunny girls’ coffee shop in Chiang Mai. Check it out if you like what you see 😉

chiang mai girls bunnies

Stunning Thai Beauty Pachrapa Chaichua



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