Traditional Thai Fashion

Traditional Thai Fashion varied from city to city and from each historical period. These costumes are now worn only on very special occasions and festivals. The Thais have a National Costume too.

Garments that makes up Thai Fashion:

Pha Nung fashion in ThailandPha Nung –  a long, rectangular cloth material  worn around the lower body which resembles a skirt. It can be draped and folded in several different ways.

Sin – a narrow skirt that is wrapped around the wait and typically consists of three parts: Hua Sin, Tua Sin, and Tin Sin.

Sabai – a wrap-like garment that can be used by both women and men. It is a long piece of silk, about a foot wide, draped diagonally around the chest with one end dropping behind the shoulder.

Chong Kraben – Wrapped around below the waist, it resembles pants and is a rectangular piece of cloth measuring 3 meters long and one meter wide. It is worn by wrapping around the waist, stretching it away from the body, twisting the ends together then pulling the twisted fabric between the legs and tucking it in the back of the waist.





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