Most popular tourist destinations in thailand


Most popular tourist destinations in Thailand


These are the MUST SEE places in beautiful Thailand regardless of what you want from this amazing country


Tourism in Bangkok is a huge factor for Thais. The administrative center city of Thailand and practically all travelers heading to Thailand will go through this popular Thai travel vacation spot. Although Bangkok has an awful reputation because of the bad traffic problems and the new air air pollution, Bangkok is unquestionably one vacation spot where every tourist should spend a couple of days during their holiday in Thailand.

One of the most visited travel places in Thailand is Phuket. This popular island is actually the most significant island in Thailand and Phuket has many sights to provide its tourists. The beaches on Phuket are being among the most

Pattaya is the beach holiday resort area which is closest located to Bangkok which explains why many local Bangkok residents visit Pattaya during weekends. The beach at Pattaya is really not so impressive in comparison with the beaches entirely on Phuket or Samui nevertheless the beach is not the principal reason Pattaya is one of the very most popular travel vacation spots in Thailand.

Samui is a lovely tropical island which is situated off of the east seacoast of Thailand. The beaches on Samui are even more beautiful then those entirely on Phuket. Typically the most popular Samui beaches are on the east coast of Koh Samui and are Chaweng beach, Lamai Big and beach Buddha beach.

Chiang Mai
Chiang Mai offers travelers another type of type of getaway experience then what those travelers browsing one of the beach spots experience. Chiang Mai is positioned in the mountains in the North of Thailand. There is a special guide for guys looking to visit Chaing mai and Thailand.



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