Thai Traditional Clothing – Chut Thai

Chong Kraben

Thai traditional outfits are colorful and elegant and Thai silk is very well-known all around the world as well. Thai people wear their Thai Traditional Clothing on formal occasions such as weddings, festivals, or special celebrations. The traditional female outfits are very attractive and gorgeous. The designs of the traditional dresses are different in different regions and they wear different design for different occasions.

Different kinds of Chut Thai

Since there are many different ethnicities in Thailand, the pattern and fabrics of the traditional dresses are different. Thai people wear their bright and elegant traditional dresses during weddings, celebrations, and festivals. Thai people weave their fabrics for their traditional clothing.

Thai traditional outfit for Men

Men’s traditional outfit consists of a traditional shirt called phraratchthan and traditional piece of clothing called pakama. The traditional shirt of men’s traditional outfit is a button-up shirt with “mandarin collar”. The shirt usually has long sleeves and the sash is added for formal occasions. For the lower part of the body, there are two types of clothing. One of the traditional pieces of clothing for men is called pakama. Pakama is a large rectangular piece of fabric and they need to wrap it around the waist. Another traditional piece of clothing for the lower part of the body is light-weight baggy trouser. It is a very comfortable piece of clothing and Thai men usually wear it every day in the past.

Thai Traditional outfit for Women

There are many different styles and designs for the traditional outfit for women. One of the most popular pieces of traditional clothing is called Pha Nung. Pha Nung has a similar shape with Pakama but more colorful and beautiful. The female traditional outfit consists usually of a Pha Nung, Sin, Sabai and Chong Kraben.

Pha Nung – Pha Nung is a long rectangular cloth used as a wrapped skirt, and it has colorful and elegant patterns.

Sin – Sin is a tube skirt. Thai women warp it around the waist.

Sin Thai skirt for women


Sabai  Sabai is a long piece of silk or fabric that covers the upper body. It is also known as breast cloth because it needs to be draped diagonally around the chest. It covers one shoulder and the end of the cloth drops behind the back.

Silk Sabai

Chong Kraben – Chong Kraben is another piece for lower-body and used to wear around the lower-body. It is more like pants because the three meters long piece is wrapped around the waist and stretched around the body. Then, twist the ends together and pull the twisted end between the legs. Finally, tuck it in the back of the waist. It is a very comfortable piece to wear as well.

Chong Kraben
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Different types of Traditional outfits for women

Chakkri outfit – Chakkri consists of a sin, a silk top, and a sabai. Chakkri is one of the most popular traditional outfits in Thailand, and it usually has a golden color.

Chakkraphat – Chakkraphat also consists of a sin, a top, and a sabai but the fabric is thicker.

Biromphiman – Boromphiman is mainly for evening events. It consists of a sin and a long sleeve blouse with a round neck.

Chitlada – Chitalada is a gown for morning events and it consists of a sin and silk blouse. the silk blouse has five gold buttons at the front. People usually wear Chitlada to the funerals or welcoming events for the official royal guests.

Siwalai – it is similar to Boromphiman but it has a Sabai. Siwalai is suitable for formal occasions and royal ceremonies.

Amarin – Amarin is the traditional clothing for casual occasions. It consists of a brocade sin and a blouse with elbow length sleeves.

Ruean Ton – Ruean Ton is also the outfit for casual occasions. It consists of a sin and a blouse with no collar. The blouse has a row of buttons and elbow length sleeves. Thai women usually tuck the blouse into the sin.

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