Skin Whitening Epidemic in Thailand

Skin Whitening Epidemic in Thailand

Never changing skin whitening epidemic in Thailand

Thailand has quite hot and humid weather. But, you will be surprised to see many Thai People wearing long sleeves no matter how hot the weather is. Streets and public areas are occupied by the advertisements promoting white skin, skin whitening clinic and products. The original skin color of the Thai people is not white and it is quite brownish. But you will see many Thai people with very pale skin and they are proud to have it. This skin whitening epidemic in Thailand is not changing and will not change easily.

Why whiter skin is so special in Thailand?

The desire for whiter skin is growing and growing in Thailand. People who have whiter skin are considered beautiful and have an upper standard. The billboards and commercial spaces are also encouraging the people to crave for white skin and create a beauty standard. Many Thais believe that whiter skin coincides with apparent social status. People with darker skin are assumed to have low income because they are believed to be born in rural areas.

This kind of assumption make people with darker skin are members of the lower class. Therefore, getting white skin is quite important for many Thais. Therefore, you will find Thais in long sleeves regardless of the heat and most of them carry an umbrella everywhere. You will rarely see a Thai lying under the sun on the beach and sunbathing is never a thing for Thais.

Products and dangerous skin lightening ingredients

There are many ways and many products that Thais use to whiten their skin. Each methods have advantages and disadvantages. There are many different brands of beauty products that fight against dark skin. The whitening advertisements are found everywhere and the competitions between different brands are quite high as well. The skin care industry is known to be one of the most biggest industry in Thailand. And, the country is famous for it as well. The whitening products occupy on the shelves of every grocery stores, convenience stores, and pharmacies.

Popular products are said to treat sunburn, hyperpigmentation, dark spots, aging, and many more. Most of them focus on the whitening skin to take advantages of Thai insecurities about having darker skin. The most usual way of whitening the skin is using lotion and creams. The question is do they really work? Yes, of cause they work. But are those product safe to use though? Not all of them are safe to use because of the different ingredients in the lotions and creams.

Kojic Acid

Kojic acid is one of the main ingredients in many of the whitening creams and lotions. The name of it is quite scary because it is an acid but it is not a dangerous acid. However, the users need to be careful with the amount of the kojic acid in the product. This acid can lighten the skin but too much of it can cause skin damage and irritation. Therefore, it is important to use the products that have the appropriate amount of kojic acid. The cheap products do not likely to have the appropriate amount of kojic-acid but the famous-brands have a safe amount of it.


Many of the skin whitening products also use mercury because it can prevent the development of melanin. Therefore, it is a common ingredients that help the skin to be lighter. Mercury can damage the kidney, cause skin rashes and discoloration, cause scarring, and cause fungal infections. Mercury is not only bad for the body but also bad for the environment. Some of the products that are produced in Thailand contain mercury, therefore you need to be careful which you choose.

Safe way of getting skin whitening products

Since you can get a skin whitening products anywhere in Thailand, it is very easy to get access to it. There are cheap products and expensive products. Some are very popular brands and some are not very well-known. There are also many counterfeit skin whitening products in the markets and they are very low in quality as well. Those counterfeit products are not only dangerous for your skin, but also very damaging for your body. So, how do you get a good and safe skin whitening products.

Safe places to buy

To get a real authentic skin whitening products, you need to search for them in big stores or specific brand-counters. The skin whitening products that are sold at the pharmacies are also very safe. Because, they only sell the products that are safe and have certificates. These day, you can easily buy whitening products online but you need to choose the websites that have a good reputation. You should avoid buying skin whitening products from night markets, markets, and small stores. In this way, you will have a lower risk of containing the damaging components in the products that you buy. There is also some E-commerce platform which sells quality skin whitening products and ship to worldwide. Read more: Thailand online shopping worldwide 

Higher price Higher quality

This does not mean that cheap whitening products are not safe to use. Some of the whitening products with affordable and reasonable prices have good quality as well. However, expensive products and famous brands have a higher guarantee of having the best quality and safety. You are putting these products on your face which is fragile and easy to get damaged. Therefore, you need to find the best and safest products to put on your face. You are most likely to spend a lot of money to buy such kind of products and you should.

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