My Husband Goes To Thailand – Should I be Worried?

husband in thailand

Is your husband looking forward to travel to Thailand? The culture of Thailand is very different compared to the culture of your country. Hence, you should keep few important facts in your mind before letting your husband travel to Thailand. This will help you to keep peace of mind, until he returns back home.

  • Sexual Opportunities

husband in thailandIt is quite an embarrassing experience for a single male to walk the streets of Bangkok, he would be hassled all along the sidewalk being enticed with various sexual offers.

Every step of the way is filled with pimps and when one lets go off you after his attempts have failed another would step into to repeat the same story.

They would show photos of girls, boy girls, boys and every other possible sexual experience that would be possible some of which are legally forbidden and indulging in them could land you in serious trouble.

A husband going to Thailand on his own would not be a very conducive and thoughtful endeavor but would be quite safe if accompanied by a lady be it his wife or not.

It is the flesh trade in Thailand in general and Bangkok in particular that has propelled this country to be one of the most visited nations by tourists, most of them seeking the sexual pleasures that are being prostituted in the open without any qualms of decency.

It is a very shocking experience for a well mannered individual especially a male to visit Bangkok on his own and with the business in sex being proliferated to such an extent no body would be safe.

  • Sex and prostitution

Thailand has become the hub of prostitution in Southeast Asia. Men from every corner of the world tend to visit Thailand for prostitution. This is something that you need to be concerned about, especially if you are leaving your husband alone to Thailand. The prostitutes in Thailand are so deceptive and your husband can easily get caught in their trap. The irresistible feeling that your husband will get can tempt him to go for sexual activities with the prostitutes. This is something that you never want to happen. Since your husband can see prostitutes everywhere, there’s a chance for him to try it out at least as an experiment. This will give life to a variety of sexually transmitted diseases as well.

  • Scams

The other issue is the incidence of scams, from very small ones like providing wrong directions to an inquired location to other more sophisticated ones, Bangkok could be elevated above anything that could happen anywhere in the world.

There scams in other countries too but what you would experience in Bangkok is at every twist and turn and nobody seems to be on a genuine line when they interact with others, especially tourists.

It would seem that the Thai think all tourists are stupid and gullible, from where they got that notion only God would know because they have something up their sleeves if you happen to ask any Thai anything that you might not know.

There are some standard scams that they would indulge in, which if you could easily fall prey as they would be quite convincing how they get about it.

It is the three wheeler Tuk Tuks who are the majority culprits who have been after the blood of tourists and have built quite a bad reputation around them and avoiding any interactions with them would be in your better interests.


  • Rip offs

It is imperative that before you order any food at any restaurant, be they the swanky ones or the roadside eateries, it would be prudent on your part to be precise when ordering and ensure that they bring the correct food to the table.

It is a regular habit at every restaurant to inflate the bill and if you do not double check it the chances are that you would leave paying up more than what you have ordered and consumed.

It is an inherent trait with every restaurant and being vigilant about it at all times would save you quite a substantial amount when you leave Bangkok at the end of your holiday.

The law enforcement authorities are no better as they too would be on the take from these unscrupulous people and it could be a very bad experience if you try to cross swords with them.


  • Falsehoods

Most of the Thai who are engaged in any type of business speak and act with malicious falsehood in their hearts and are out to make a fast buck if you are not smart enough to thwart their attempts.

You should always be on your guard and if you tend to relax, it could be your waterloo, for which you may have to pay from little losses to bigger ones too.


  • Cheats

There are many and more visitors to Thailand who have been cheated during their stay in this country and have left completely disillusioned with the state of affairs in this very Buddhist country.

There are other Buddhist countries in Asia around Thailand where the situation is not this alarming, and one would be the island nation of Sri Lanka where these sort of unpleasant things would rarely happen.

Even during the 30 year terrorist / civil war that raged in that country, no tourists were ever targeted or even lost their lives fortunately.


  • Pickpockets

Pickpockets are another menace in Thailand especially in Bangkok, where nothing is safe if you are not careful with your stuff, and before you could blink something valuable could get pilfered right under your nose.

It is imperative that you keep all your valuables under lock and key and take no chances whatsoever because most pickpockets have no qualms what you would suffer if any of your important documents are lost.

They would just toss them into the nearest drain or garbage knowing very well that the long arm of the law would never apprehend them.

  • Conclusion

It is every travel professionals notion that Thailand has “bitten more than they could chew”, with about 14.15 million tourist arrivals in 2009, the figure has skyrocketed to 35.38 million in 2017, which is a tremendous and unprecedented increase for any country anywhere in the world.

Thailand is just not ready for this influx as the pace of their tourism infrastructure is still very much in the nascent stage and such increase has been the reason for the umpteen problems that they are encountering.   It is better if you can let your husband know about these facts, before he encounters any frustrating moment.

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