Is Thailand Safe For Single Female Travelers?

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female alone travelSo you are packed and ready to go on the adventure of a lifetime…… but will you be safe? Thailand is famed for its sex trade and masses of young, middle-aged and even old travelers that take advantage of the flesh trade in the country. Coming over to have some fun and also enjoy the Asian total experience. Is Thailand safe for single female travelers?

Women are not seen in the same light as in the Western World where believe it or not women are treated the best compared to anywhere else and at any point in history. There are plentiful of young girls being prostituted quite openly and the peace that females of other nationalities seek when they travel around the city of Bangkok or even in the countryside, especially for a well deserved holiday could be alarmingly disturbed.

It would also be interesting to note that there are more females than males in Thailand and some of them are employed in the flourishing sex trade in terms of cash, gifts, and pleasure. And women of other countries traveling alone could face the brunt of this disgusting environment, especially in some location. Don’t worry that you will face this situation all over Thailand.

Raping has become a major issue in Thailand

The number of instances where we hear about girls getting raped in Thailand is increasing along with time. In other words, there are lots of sex predators out there in Thailand. All single female travelers should keep this fact in their minds. You never want to become a victim of rape. Since it is extremely difficult for you to avoid being a victim of rape, especially when you are traveling alone, you are strongly encouraged to take required protective measures, follow advice and avoid visiting sex-related hotspots.

Local Norn and practice 

Single females traveling alone could encounter issues with men who want sex. You are highly likely to be accosted and vulgar remarks made as it is the norm which most males in Thailand are habitually used to specialty when interacting with their own female counterparts.  Thais are usually quiet but sometimes not.

The same could be said of other countries like Bangladesh, India and Pakistan too, where single females travelling could encounter even teasing and other sexually explicit remarks being cast on them.

There could even be other serious offenses perpetrated by some on single females traveling alone in Asia, and there are frequent travel advisories issued by Western nations to their citizens traveling in these countries.

Peace and stability

Thailand has been politically volatile to a very great extent, and there have been certain spontaneous political upheavals in the recent past where government leadership struggles, have affected tourists as well, especially females traveling alone.

The law and order situation could be classified as totally corrupt with many untoward incidents targeting tourist drastically on the increase.

Said that it would be a near impossibility for the law enforcement authorities to be at every location hence keeping a close eye on where you are and what the environment is like could prevent any untoward incidents.

As in any big city, Bangkok too has its own criminal elements and there are issues with illicit drugs, robberies, muggings, and other petty crimes.

Keeping away from being in such situations would be in the best interests of single females traveling alone in Thailand, but circumstances could place females in very compromising situations.

Being Prudent and common sense

The world is today in turmoil, be it the West, East, North or South, with issues that none foresees happening on a regular and frequent basis, one that would come to our mind would be the recent shooting in Florida, the United States of America.

If one is to quantify the incidents of violence being perpetrated around the world it could be identified as a phenomenon that is creeping into world society at large and being in the wrong place at the wrong time is what most people have been exposed to often.

Being cautious is what is required wherever one may travel because their own countries are not foolproof safe and unfortunate violent incidents do occur which even the best policing cannot prevent.

Hence single females intending to visit or presently in Thailand would need to use their common sense and ensure their own safety by avoiding places where single females could be vulnerable.

It cannot be said for that Thailand is a land of the angels, there are many very “bad apples” like in any country and t would be the responsibility of every single female traveling in Thailand to be conscious of their surroundings.

It is imperative that single females traveling in Thailand ensure that they get back to their hotels before it is very late into the night because moving alone in the city of Bangkok, its outskirts or in the country side could place them in dangerous situations.

This need not be from the Thais alone but even from other visitors who could attempt to take advantage of the time of day and the prevalent situation that would allow them to do so.

Violence and lawlessness

There have been many violent incidents in the recent past in Thailand, notable was the multiple bomb explosions on August 11 and 12, in the year 2016, in different locations around the country in Hua Hin, Phang Nga, Trang, Surat, Thani, and Phuket.

These incidents were immediately brought under control by the Thai authorities and no Travel Alerts or Warnings were issued by any of the Western countries during or after the incidents but would be a cause for concern if you are a female caught alone in such a situation.

The last time such a response was forthcoming was last on October 7, 2014, but since then there has been relative peace and life has been at a sedate pace for visitors but undercurrents are aplenty with violence just around the corner on any given day.


Thailand could be a very pleasant place to visit due to its extensive tourist appeal and has a wide spectrum of interests for everyone especially single females who would like to take a break from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Even maintaining the right decorum, by single females traveling alone in Thailand would not suffice as the society in the country is corrupt and full of people out to cheat, rob and indulge in various scams.

It is also imperative that the right places to stay are selected especially when alone, because there are very sleazy hotels which could be not becoming of a lady, if you would like to be treated as one, which is what any woman would want and would look forward to. Another place we would like to recommend for solo female travelers is Bagan.

It is advisable to draw up your itinerary with some expert inputs especially from peers and friends who have visited Thailand before.

Their first-hand experience would be very valuable especially if you are a single female contemplating of traveling alone and if you are to take heed of what they have to say, you would always think twice before you embark on the journey.

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