Things not to do in Thailand

Things not to do in Thailand

If you are on a trip to Thailand or planning a trip to Thailand anytime soon as a solo female traveller then make sure you know about some tips before you visit the place. Well, if you are a female traveling alone to Thailand, it surely takes guts to do that. Still there are many female travelers who love exploring things alone and gain self confidence. If you remember certain tips mentioned in this article you can have a safe traveling to Thailand. Here is our list of things not to do in Thailand as a foreigner.

The first thing is to purchase travel insurance before you leave your house.

Hide the cash you are carrying

In almost all major cities there are pickpocketers around Thailand. So make sure you keep your wallet as well as cash safe somewhere that wouldn’t be easy to swipe away by pickpocketers from you. If you are carrying your wallet and cash in button pockets or outside zippers it is still easy for the pick pocketers to access it. Tuck it somewhere inside in your zipper/mini pocket inside your outfit. If you are carrying a purse then place the wallet/cash inside the mini pocket present in the purse and zip it and also zip or buckle up the purse from outside.

Do not carry expensive bags or if possible do not carry any type of purse as there are many purse snatchers there. Sometimes the thieves riding a motorcycle or come running often snatch or cut your purse and vanish. The best thing is to carry as less items as you require.

Do not wear revealing clothes

Thailand is a warm place and to wear comfortable and stylish clothes is something you would love to do. Thailand has liberal environment still the people here are orthodox. As you will walk a lot make sure you wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Some bars here have specific dress codes too and as per rules wearing flip flops is a big NO.

Adding to dress code that you need to follow in Thailand is covering yourself especially in temples or at religious ceremonies. The rules say that all women are supposed to cover the shoulders as well as legs below their knees. No shorts or spaghetti straps are allowed. You can wear a sarong or wrap a long skirt around the shorts. Make sure you do not forget to remove your socks and shoes before you enter the temple.

Also do not wear revealing clothes for night outs and if you sense something that is unusual it is better to catch a taxi and go back and home.

Do not be seated next to the Monks or walk next to them

Most population in Thailand are generally Buddhists. As Buddhism is preached here by monks who also travel all over Thailand, these monks are restricted from coming close to females or even touching any female. They are also not allowed to sit next to women in boats, buses BTS or MRT or even walk closely with females. The monks are also not allowed to accept gift offered by females directly. The gift is placed on the ground or on tray in front of monks or a male can give the gift to the monk on behalf of a female.

Avoid roaming around streets with no people

You should avoid walking on small alleys, walkways or streets with shops closed or no one around during night. It is recommended that if it is dark area and isolated it is better not to go out in the night. These areas can also be parks, beaches where you find no one to help you.


In case you are planning to get jewellery, it is recommended that you do not carry it during your trip to Thailand to avoid thefts. Still if you feel that you have to wear it then hide it inside your clothing or just leave it in your safe at hotel room before you go out on streets. Snatching items here is very common and the jewellery can be snatched from your neck.


When you are using ATMs that are located inside a bank it is always safe, but if you need to use your ATM card in a shopping mall or on a street then make sure you hide the keyboard while entering your PIN and make sure you count the cash before walking away.

Parties, Clubs and Pubs

Make sure you are always there with the drink which means do not move away keeping your drink at a different place. Also say no if a stranger offer you a drink. There are chances that someone can add chemicals to your drink. Make sure you do not consume alcohol in excessive amount so that you can reach home safely.

Be aware while making new friends

Although Thailand is known to be the land of smiles, make sure you are alert while making friends with anyone. You can be trapped or get into a scam easily.

Taxi drivers

All the taxi drivers in Thailand are men and if you do not find it comfortable with a male driver, you ask for services that supply female drivers.

 Gambling Games

Do not participate in games like cockfights, gambling, card games, pool table games and other games for money and it is illegal in Thailand.

As a female traveller you need to stay safe as there have been cases of women being harassed that occurs quite frequently in Thailand. Though not that common some Thai men can get very attracted to western women and you may get harassed by them if alone.

Make sure you carry some loose fitting outfits with you while visiting beach just in case you want to visit the markets later. It is better to be safe than sorry so make sure you stay safe from thefts and abide the rules while you are walking around the streets of Thailand. Just be careful of the dress codes and do not wear revealing clothes. Thailand may be one of the most preferred holiday destinations, but it also comes with a lot of thefts and other issues for women.

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