Popular Thailand souvenirs

Elephant pants Thailand

Popular Thailand Souvenirs to buy on your trip

Thailand is a paradise for the shoppers. Thailand has many wonderful products and choosing the best souvenirs to bring back home from your trip is quite tough. There are many lovely things to buy at the night markets, souvenirs shop, and stores. Souvenirs are the wonderful reminder of your amazing trip and bring back a piece of Thailand is a must. Ready to shop? Here is our recommended list of Popular Thailand souvenirs and products to bring back home as a gift from Thailand.

Coconut Shell Bowls

Painted coconut shell bowl from Thailand
Painted coconut shell bowl

Coconut shell bowls with gorgeous drawing are popular souvenirs for any travelers. They are useful, beautiful, and cheap. You can find them at many markets including Khao San road, Sunday market in Chiang Mai, and any night markets. There are more choices of coconut-shell-bowls with creative designs in Chiang Mai and they are cheaper in Chiang Mai.

Elephant Pants

Elephant pants from Thailand
Elephant pants from Thailand

A pair of pants can fit inside your suitcase very easily and elephant-pants are the most comfortable and beautiful pants. The elephant is the national symbol of Thailand and the beautiful designs of elephants are the best pieces of souvenirs. These comfortable and airy elephant pants are the most suitable choice of clothing while traveling around the country. You can also choose pants with tribal patterns, mandala or peacock prints. You can also choose the Thailand traditional pants in different fabrics.

Elephant-shaped souvenirs

Elephant Keychain from Thailand
Elephant Keychain from Thailand

Since elephants are the national animal of Thailand, there are many temples, paintings and architecture across the country with elephant-decorations. Most of the souvenirs of Thailand has elephant designs and many of them are woven into the design of the fabric. The tiny bags with elephant designs are very cute and they are the best gifts to bring back home. You will also find key chains, colorful soft toys, hanging ornaments, and jewelry with elephant designs. If you are wondering to choose a lovely reminder of Thailand, elephant-shaped souvenirs are exactly what you are looking for.

Fabric souvenirs

Fabric bags from Thailand
Fabric bags from Thailand

Thailand is famous for its beautiful and colorful woven fabrics in traditional designs. Scarves, pants, tops, purses, handbags, satchels and hats are among the most popular fabric souvenirs. The price of fabric-souvenirs are usually high but if you are buying them at night-markets, your bargaining skills will help.

Fruit and flower shaped soaps

fruit shaped soap
Fruit shaped soap

If you are wishing to buy colorful and refreshing souvenirs, the quirky fruit and flower-shaped soaps are the best souvenirs. You can find them in the stalls at the malls, stores, and night markets. The soaps are handmade, organic, herbal and perfumed. The smell and ingredients of the soaps are differed according to the shape of the soap. Some are shaped like mango, watermelon, and grapes, and some are shaped like roses and frangipani. They are quite cheap when you buy them in town but quite expensive if you buy them at the airport. You can also order them online as well.

Hill tribe hats


These hats are from the northern hill tribes of Thailand are colorful, fun and wearable souvenirs. The hats have vivid stripes and bells, and they are very adorable to keep. You can get them when you visit the northern-hill tribe’s villages and you will also find handicrafts that villagers made.

Floating boat models

Floating markets of Thailand is one of the most popular tourist attraction and you can also buy some souvenirs there. You can find small floating boat models at the souvenirs shops. A beautiful boat with a fruit-seller or flower-sellers with fruits or flower are very attractive souvenirs to bring back home. They are not expensive and if you are good at bargaining, you can get with the most reasonable price.

Even if you forget to buy souvenirs on your trip to Thailand or you need more extra items when you get back to your country, don’t worry. You can still order Thai products online.

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