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Thai triangle cushion

Best products to buy in Thailand

Thailand, the land of smiles is not only a popular tourist destination but also a shopping heaven in Asia. Thailand is a cool place to party, eat, shop and go crazy for the backpackers. There are so many things to buy in Thailand that can attract the tourists to purchase back to their home. and you might even need to buy another suitcase. We have come up with a list of best products that you absolutely must buy when you visit Thailand.

Thai Silk

Thai silk
Thai silk

Thai Silk is one of the best fabrics for your new outfit, curtains, scarves, handkerchief, handbags, bed-covers and many others. They come in unique designs, various of colors, beautiful patterns and plies. The quality of Thai Silk is outstanding and the price of it is quite reasonable as well. The unique Mat-Mee Thai silk which is a traditional tie-dyed silk is a special kind of Thai silk as well. Thai silks come in different sizes and colors and they are available at fabric-markets, Silom Village, markets, and mall outlets.

Tribal handcrafts

Tribal Handicraft
Tribal Handicraft

If you are craving for a new stylish colorful piece of handicrafts, Thai tribal handcrafts are for you after all. The bags, clothes, shoes, wallets, bracelets, necklaces, hand-carved wooden ornaments, and other handicrafts are all great products to choose from. Since the handicrafts are the main source of income for the tribal communities, you should definitely purchase some of your favorites. Handmade coin pouches are also very cute and very useful as well.

Thai Triangle Cushions

Thai triangle cushion

These unique and very comfortable Thai Triangle Cushions can be used as a lounger, spare bed, or super comfortable leaning-cushion. They can be folded and when you spread them, they are quite long as well. These squishy cushions can only be seen in Thailand and traditionally, they are stuffed with organic-fiber called kapok or straw.

Herbal products

Thai Herbal Products

Thailand has special herbal products and they are popular all over the world. Herbal products include soaps, cleansers, treatment oils, shower gels, lotions, beautiful products, skin care products and many more. Since they use natural organic ingredients, the quality of those products is also quite decent.

Thai tea

Thai Tea

If you are a tea lover, Thai tea is definitely one of the products that you should bring back home. Thai Milk Tea is very famous all over the world and it tastes super awesome. You can also purchase the ready-made Thai Milk Tea Mix and you can make yourself a cup of delicious milk-tea.

Dried Fruits

Dried fruits
Dried fruits

Since Thailand has the sunshine on it almost all seasons, drying fruits is one of the big business there. Moreover, Thailand has many exotic, fresh, and tasty fruits and they made dried fruits out of most the fruits. The most popular dried fruit products are kiwis, mango, durians, prunes, cranberries, and many more. They usually made dried fruit out of fruits that are a bit sour and they are the best snacks.

Naraya bags

Naraya Bag

Naraya bags are hand-made bags and it is a well-known local brand in Thailand. They come in a variety of designs and all of the bags have a big-bow attached on the mid-section of them. You can get them in any shopping malls, night markets, and mall outlets. Naraya bags are fashionable and stylish for any girls. Since they are hand-made bags, the quality is very good as well.

Even if you forget to buy souvenirs on your trip to Thailand or you need more extra items when you get back to your country, don’t worry. You can still order Thai products online.

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