What makes Thailand amazing?

Beautiful beach in Thailand

Thailand is always on the top of the list of travel plan to Asia and the most desired holiday destinations. There are so many things to do in Thailand and there are many amazing destinations. Wherever you go in Thailand, you will have an amazing time. Thailand makes every visitors fall in love and it is one of the best countries in the world to visit. Thailand has so many amazing things and fills with excitement. So here are the things what makes Thailand Amazing and the reasons for you to visit there.

Food Heaven

Thailand food

You will feel instantly hungry after walking for five minutes on the streets in Thailand. The smell of the Thai foods and street foods will attract you and make your mouth water. The hot and sour dishes are the dishes that you must try. Every single food from the street stalls are delicious and seafood bbq are the best among them. Thai milk tea is very popular and most of the tourists love it.


If you are planning to go on a low budget trip, Thailand is the best choice for you. Food, accommodation, transport, and products are all surprisingly cheap. Even the price of accommodation and food at Thailand’s major cities including Bangkok and Chiang Mai are cheap. Thailand is known as one of the most affordable places to travel in the world.

Floating Market

Bangkok floating market

Floating markets in Bangkok are fun places to visit and will make you feel special. You can buy cooked foods, fruits, souvenirs, and local products in the floating market. The most famous floating markets are Damnoen Saduak and Khlong Lat Mayom. You can get your own boat to row around and explore to get the best experience and unique shopping experiences.

Beautiful beaches

Beautiful beach in Thailand

Almost all of the beaches around Thailand are gorgeous and every vacation needs the perfect beaches to lie on. The beauty of turquoise water, sunset, sunrise, and sandy beaches will complete your relaxing vacation. You can take a day trip to near-by beaches from Bangkok or overnight trips to famous beaches. If you are a fun of exploring the underwater world, Thai islands are known to be the best diving spots. Koh Tao is the most popular place for diving in Thailand. Related article: Best tourist attraction in Thailand

Fun nightlife

Cities in Thailand are filled with night markets where you can grab dinner, do shopping, and explore. Most of the night markets start to open from 6:00 PM to midnight. The night markets are in walking distance from many hotels and guesthouses. You can experience the amazing nightlife at Krabi, Pattaya, Phuket, Bangkok, and Chiang Mai. Related article: Thai ladies at Night


The special celebration of the Thai New Year is called Songkran and people celebrate it by playing water around the city. Songkran happens every April and no one is safe from getting wet during the celebration. The fun water fights are very special and the crazy fun festival is what makes Thailand so special.


There are many temples all around the country and there are over three hundred temples in Chiang Mai. Ancient architectures, beautiful temples, and golden pagodas are the highlight of the trip to Thailand. In order to reach some famous temples, you’ll need to climb.

Girls (Only for the one who are interested in girls)

Thai girl

Thailand, especially Bangkok is named as a city of angles. Thailand has famous for having beautiful girls in the region. Thai girls are really nice, beautiful and friendly. That’s why most of the foreigner cannot deny their beauty and happened to settle down their life in Thailand. You also need to beware about not falling in love with Thai girls. Related article: My Husband goes to Thailand

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