The People of Thailand

Thai Traditional Dancer

Travel Exploring the People of Thailand 

by Linda


Thailand would not be the amazing country it is without the people of Thailand. This country was formerly called Siam and it is a country with a population of about 55 million inhabitants which is predominantly occupied by the people of Thailand who speak their own dialect.

THAILAND PEOPLE (Happy to get my pass in Bangkok!)

The capital city of Bangkok is a very vibrant city and cosmopolitan too with very modern conveniences and amenities at the disposal of its nearly 10 million residents. When is the best time to go to Thailand?

It is a commercially advanced city with most of the business being conducted remaining within the purview of those living in the capital city but also benefiting the people of Thailand wherever they may live in the country

Most of what is Thailand is within Bangkok hence it is the showcase of the country though there are many other cities spread far and wide across this fairly large country.

Following a very complicated political system that has had many military takeovers of governments but the unique thing about the country is that it is a constitutional monarchy similar to what is being practiced in the United Kingdom.

The monarchy as an institution is well entrenched into Thai society and the people of Thailand love the monarchy and it too reciprocates by doing generally what is right towards its subjects, if not which its survival too would be under a cloud.

The King who recently passed away has been succeeded by his son, who will continue more or less in the footsteps of his father and once entrenched into the monarchy there is no doubt that he would too, command the respect of the people of Thailand.



Beautiful Thai Attractions 

Thai Traditional Dancer

The sheer beauty of Thailand and the gracious hospitality of the people of Thailand is what that has made this very peaceful country attract drones of tourists to the tune of about 16 million per annum with the figure tending to grow every year.

The Golden sands stretching across 3,219 kilometers of pristine beaches is the calling card that this very beautiful country has to offer its very discerning guests who tend to repeat their visits just to ensure that they have seen all of this country which is not a very easy task as there are so many things to see which are stretching far beyond than what the eyes could see.

 It is also very interesting to note that about 90% of the population are Buddhists who follow the Theravada Sect and with such a large population following the teachings of the Lord Buddha, the country is scattered with some of the most spectacular Buddhist temples seen anywhere in the Buddhist world.

There is much to see in Thailand and traveling around the country even for a single female is very safe and one thing that would be in her favor would be the fact that the average Thai woman is very enterprising and handles loads of chores at home and also are very entrepreneurial outside.

Shopping – Thailand style

Shopping would be high on anyone’s agenda when the visit Thailand even for a short period of time as it is an accepted norm to bargain with the seller especially the street vendors if you are looking to get the best price for you.

Hard selling is in the genes of the people of Thailand and if you are to get the better of them it would be prudent on your part to ensure that you keep the tempo till you strike the right cord to get the best deal for you because there is no doubt that the seller will always make her money.

Most of the women who man these hard selling shopping outlets are smart and you may have to be smarter if you are to get the better of them, if not you could be paying through your nose.

Clothing is one big consumer item that is very popular in Thailand especially in Bangkok and every street corner, shop corner, and even the railway lines are full of bargain shops if you are really looking for the best bargain that you would get. 

Climate in Thailand

Wow! It’s an absolutely beautiful climate! Since it was my first time here in Thailand I needed to adjust for a few days… Once that was over I could truly enjoy! Here’s more that I discovered!

The climate is averagely modest like most other South Asian countries and being tropical would have its rains and the better weather we would all like.

The people of Thailand endeavor to get the best out of the climate and are reputed to be the largest rice producer in the world and being very hardworking people they have able to keep their granaries full to ensure that they do not starve.

The people of Thailand are very resilient and have developed their country with sheer determination and perseverance and have tackled the vagaries of the climate to ensure that they stand tall during any adverse situation that they would have to face especially when Nature goes berserk like what happened in the morning of Boxing Day in 2004.

Conveyance among the amazing people of Thailand

The are so helpful and humble! Sot here is no difficulty in conveyance to any part of Thailand and even a single lady would be safe wherever she would go, this could be attributed to the piety that the people of Thailand attach to their strong affiliation with the Lord Buddha who preached “Ahimsa” which is to always love all those around you whether they are humans or animals.

Transport is quite affordable and public transport which could get a little overcrowded at a time is still quite an exciting way to get around and with the people of Thailand always out to extend a helping hand commuting across this flamboyant country is an experience never to be missed.

It is also said that if you need to see the world you need to pick the right mode of travel and likewise if you need to see Thailand at its best you would need to choose the best transport choice.

If you are willing to take a jolt and a tumble along the way just like how the people of Thailand get about their daily chores the same mode of transport should do well for you too.

Seeing the true Thailand is to see it through the eyes of the people of Thailand and only then would you see what a great country it is.


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The People in Thailand are some of the best friendliest in the world…..


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